Knee High Mini Tours


Knee High Mini Tours is a nonprofit organization dedicated to sharing the love and joy the miniature horse can bring to those with special needs, concerns,  or situations. 

Knee High Mini Tours miniature horses are ideally suited for equine guided interactions (EGI) in Alaska.  Our unique program is tailored to meet the challenges the Alaska climate offers.  The minis can be trained to come inside for short periods of time which can be advantageous during inclement weather.  These small horses are easily transported and can come visit and interact with people of all ages at any time of the year.

Knee High Mini Tours does not charge for its services, however, donations are thankfully accepted.

Knee High Mini Tours is based in Soldotna, Alaska and travels throughout the Kenai Peninsula Borough community, bringing the joy of miniature horses to children and adults.  Our mobile herd of mini horses visits education facilities, clinics, children’s shelters, hospitals, churches, and individual clients.   Our organization also provides mini horse support to other non-profits with their events and promotes activities that educate about the joys of miniature horses and their healing touch.